David Joins Code Blue

Posted by DHO Saturday, January 30, 2010

David Henrie joins Code Blue: I am so proud and humbled to recently be named the Director of Code Blue Youth Resuscitators (CBYR/Code Blue). What inspired me about Code Blue? It was the active involvement of Jermaine Crawford, who has been working to solve the problem of teenage homelessness, that plagues millions of our Nation’s children;

our future generation. One of my main goals will be to bring as much national attention and awareness of ‘Teen Homelessness’ to other Teens as possible. One of the benefits of my success is the involvement I’ve had with many charitable causes, and I couldn’t help but take note of the tremendous philanthropic and charitable efforts by young people in general..

kids really do care and give their time. I want to empower teens to help their peers and bring an end to this tragic dilemma in our great country. I know how important family and a solid support system can be to young people. I have been blessed to have an amazing family that has always been there for me, in good or bad situations, to provide whatever support I needed.

Another one of my goals will be to create local support systems and environment tailored to Homeless Teen desires and needs. A place where they can feel safe and know there are people who care about their potential and desires. As stated earlier, bringing National Awareness to this problem..

..is critical and that will be my initial focus; making people aware of the problem, and then joining forces to solve the problem. As an artist who has been in the business of telling stories with my acting/writing/directing, I know what the impact of an undeniable story can have on an audience.

During this first year with Code Blue, I plan to write and direct a compelling short film, which will raise public awareness to the highest possible level, by revealing what Homeless Teens must endure just to survive day-by-day. This short film, I fervently hope, will inspire the viewer to join the cause to end Teen Homelessness, to revive a generation, our future generation.


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