My meeting with David Henrie

Posted by DHO Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fan: Summer and Becky
Location: Wizards of Waverly Place Taping - Los Angeles, CA
Date: June 2007

Sometime in June my bff Becky and I went to the set of Wizards of Waverly Place. We had never heard of the show but my moms friend was close with the stunt coordinator. So we went in, not knowing what to expect, and our first sighting was Selena, Jake, and David jumping on the trampoline with Selena's i-pod blaring. Then we got to watch them go around and around pushing and shoving each other dancing. Anyway, long story short, after they were done Becky and I got to talk to Jake T. and then we went and sat with David for a little while and got a picture. And lemme just say that he is tall! Anyway, hope you like the picture. It was awesome meeting him, he's obviously talented.