Tysons Corner

Posted by DHO Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fan: Gabby
Location: Tysons Corner - MC Lean, VA
Date: March 01, 2008!

Hello to All!

Well, first off, I'm new to this board! I noticed that there is surprisingly NOT alot of David Henrie fan sites! I think this is the only once I've come across so far, but I like it a lot! Just saying =]

So, yesterday, I was at my friend's house, and I recieved a phone call from another one of my friends, and she was freaking out. She told me that David Henrie was doing a signing at Tysons Corner, which is the mall that I live near. So, haha, of course, I start freaking out. We had to wait for the rest of our friends to arrive until we left. The signing started at 2:30 and it was almost 5 PM. So, when we left, I didn't think he was still going to be there, but I brought my camera just in case.

So, we get there, and I'm like, "Is David Henrie still here?" and no one really knew who I was talking about, so I just walked around. Then, I see the line to meet him, and I go over to the line. But, right as we are getting there, David gets up to go to the bathroom, and he has a security guard in front of him, and like...four behind him. But, the thing is, I had NO IDEA that this guy was David, haha. His hair was longer, so I didn't recognize him at first. So, me, being stupid as I am, I CUT David Henrie off. And I didn't even know it. I turned around, and I realized it was him, and he smiled at me and continued on his walk to the bathroom.

So after freaking out about the fact that I had cut David Henrie off, we went into the line to go meet him. It only took five minutes of waiting until we got up to him. When I went up to him, he looked up at me, and said, "Hi, sweetie! How are you doing today?" and he reached for one of his pictures. I said, "I'm good, how are you?" and he replies with, "Awesome," and he signs the picture. The guy sitting next to him, which I guessed was his manager, told me to take pictures of him signing while I had the chance. So, I took a few pictures of him, and then he hands me the picture. I said, "Thank you so much," and he said, "Thanks so much for coming out," and he smiles at me and watches as I leave.

It was beyond like...haha anything I ever expected. It was completely random, and totally uncalled for. I was not expecting this. I took a LOT of pictures, but these are just a few. Yeah, haha.