It was amazing!

Posted by DHO Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fan: Danielle
Location: Wizards of Waverly Place Taping
Date: June 10, 2008

I went to a Wizards of Waverly Place Taping today, June 10, 2008, and it was amazing! I didn't know that the cast meets the audience after the show, so i was totally caught off guard when i saw them coming up to us to sign autographs and everything. Once the show was over, I ran to the front of the railing and David was coming near me. I guess a lot of the girls around me had already been to many previous tapings, so no one asked for an autograph or anything. He was looking at all of us, motioning if anyone wanted an autograph, and I immediately stuck my paper in his face. It was an email I had printed out for the taping, and the only paper I had for him to sign. He looked at it awkwardly, and began reading it, I got embarrased, and I said "oh, it's an email that I printed out, I had no paper" and he laughed and he said "oh, I thought it was a message for me" lol.

He was so friendly, and when I asked for a picture, he said "of course" but it was very difficult since I was on a higher level then him, and there was a railing. He had to take my phone and take the picture himself. I wasn't very satisfied with my picture because it didn't come out very good, but he looked fine. lol Later he decided to just climb on top of the railing, so it'd be easier to take pictures with everybody. Aw, isn't he such a gentlemen?? So after my friend took a picture with him, I asked him if I could take another picture with him, he was so nice about it, and he said "sure". It was the best day of my life. :]