Site Of The Month

Posted by DHO Sunday, August 30, 2009

JUNE 2009
Ultimate Debby
Debby Ryan is a rising star and Ultimate Debby is the best source online for up-to-date information on her! The site has an extensive gallery full of images for Debby and updates the site whenever there's an update needed! Please spend some time to visit this wonderful fan site for her!

APRIL 2009
Shine On Media
Shine On Media has been around for a long time and I think they deserve the spotlight! It's a great website for the lastest content on multiple celebrities and it is updated constantly! They have a great layout that recently changed and it is very visually compelling. Whether it be the Jonas Brothers, Honor Society, Ashley Tisdale, or Taylor Swift, Shine On Media has the latest and greatest on your favorite stars! They put a lot of effort into the website, so please take the time to support the site!

MARCH 2009
Taylor Lautner Fan
This is such a wonderful source for the Twilight teenage-heart throb, Taylor Lautner. The webmaster has a wonderful, clean, and organized layout that's very visually appealing to visit. The site is constantly updated for every Lautner fan to get the latest on him. It has a great gallery filled with pictures of Taylor. Make sure you take some time to visit Taylor Lautner Fan and show them some support!

Brenda Song Online
Brenda, Brenda, Brenda! For the latest information and pictures on Brenda Song, Brenda Song Online is one of the best sources online for everything Brenda! The webmaster does a good job updating and the site has a wonderful layout that's very visually appealing So if you have any free time, please take the time to visit the site and see all of the hard work that goes into making this nice site!

Portrait Magazine
Portrait Magazine is the coolest online magazine on the web! So many entertainment enthusiasts visit this site for the latest news, gossips, interviews, and more! Portrait Magazine is a monthly publication that comes out with content that the fans want! This site is definitley worth your time to visit! You'll find yourself staying longer than just a simple visit!

Join (Red)
For the end of the year, I've decided to choose a different topic. (Red) is a great program to help the global fund for AIDS and it's a great website for information and great products that go to help the fund! Please take the time to visit the website and continue to support (Red) and other programs that are involved. Please go out and give to your community this season!

Demi Fans
A rockin' site for a rockin' girl! Demi Fans is the first fansite to hit the internet for superstar Demi Lovato! The team over at Demi Fans does a wonderful job consistently updating and keeping fans in-the-loop with Demi! The site has a wonderful layout and a gallery with over 4,000 images! The webmaster has even met Demi herself! They spend a lot of time working on the site, so definitely make sure you visit it!

High School Musical Web
As the count down continues for the premiere of High School Musical 3, opening in theaters later this month, I thought it would be appropriate to choose the best High School Musical fansite out there! HSM Web definitely fits that category! The site has a great layout, making it easy to navigate and has the latest updates on the cast and the movie! Give it a click and see what it's all about!

Sprouse Fans
As The Suite Life on Deck is set to premiere at the end of the month, I thought I would help support the show and the boys by selecting the BEST Sprouse twins website out there! That's right, Sprouse Fans is September's SOTM at David Henrie Online! The staff at this website is great! The website is constantly updated and it's the ONLY website that has stuck with Dylan & Cole for a long time! They have the biggest Sprouse gallery online with a great media section in the forum! This site is definitely worth taking the time to check out and support!

Disney Channel
With the Disney Channel Games going on this month, I had to choose to be the SOTM for August! Not only does Disney Channel's official website give you information on your favorite shows, but it's an interactive multimedia hangout where you can play games and even watch full-length episodes of your favorite Disney Channel shows! Keep watching the Disney Channel Games and tuning in for your favorite shows!

JULY 2008
Miss Tisdale
For July, I wanted to chose an Ashley Tisdale fan site and I think Miss Tisdale is one of the best, if not the best fansite for the triple-threat artist! Ruben & Jonny do a wonderful job updating constantly and keeping Tisdale fans up-to-date with the latest! Not only does Miss Tisdale represent what a fansite should be, it brings fansites to a whole new level with it's tasteful layouts! Their layout is amazing! Good work! Congratulations on being David Henrie Online's July SOTM! Keep up the great work!

JUNE 2008
Raven 4Eternity
I've selected this site because it's truly dedicated to Raven and the owner, JOJO, has been with Raven forever! Raven 4Eternity has an extensive gallery and is the home of the greatest Raven Media Center! It has videos of everything Raven! They have wonderful layouts and update as much as possible! Definitely check out the site when you have some free time!

MAY 2008
Vanessa Anne Online
Vanessa Anne Online has been serving the online community since January 2006! The website represents Vanessa Hudgens very well in her career and talents and Laura, May, & Kiry do a wonderful job updating the website! Even if you're not a hardcore Vanessa Hudgens fan, but you just like the stuff she does, this site is well worth visiting! Please help support their website by taking a visit! Congratulations VAO on being our May 2008 Site Of The Month!

APRIL 2008
If you're a Zac Efron fan, you KNOW of Charismatic! Kathryn does the most amazing job updating and giving all Zac Efron fans the latest and greatest for Zac! There is over 15,000 pictures in the gallery and A TON of content to view, making Charismatic the number one online source for Zac Efron and a perfect candidate for being April's Site Of The Month! Great job Kathryn! Keep up the great job!

MARCH 2008
Selena Web
I've been to a few Selena Gomez fansites, and Selena fan is BY FAR the BEST source online for everything Selena Gomez! The site has the latest pictures and the most up-to-date information on Selena! Amanda over at Selena Web does a fantastic job updating the site constantly and she's very nice! Make sure you check out the greatest Selena Web fansite; Selena Web.

Nick J Online
This site is the BEST source for everything Nick Jonas! It has a fun layout and is updated constantly! Make sure everyone checks out the hard work and time spent on this wonderful Nick Jonas website! Nick J Online is also an affiliate with us, so make sure you let the staff over there know what a great job they're doing! Keep it up and Congratulations!