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Name: David Henrie

Middle Name: Clayton

Birth Date: July 11, 1989

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA

Raised In: Arizona from age 2-10

Best Known Roles: Justin Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place, Larry in That's So Raven, Skyler Blaford in Method and Red, and Petey Pitt in The Pitts

Nominated for the 2004 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actor for: "The Pitts" (2003)

Nominated for the 2004 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young Actor for: Arizona Summber (2003)

Nominated for the 2003 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - Guest Starring Young Actor for: "Without a Trace" (2002)

I was born in Orange County, and we moved to Arizona when I was two. I started coming out to California for acting at age 10 and then moved here when I was about 13 when I landed my first series. I started acting in my own family room. Growing up in such a large, LOUD Italian family it was easy to get overlooked. So I made sure I kept everyone entertained for as long as possible. My best friends were all my cousins, and I am talking A LOT of cousins, and aunts and uncles. Every Sunday we would go to Nonna's house for pasta and my Nonna made the BEST!! Holiday times are great. We have a huge feast. I really appreciate my family's support and belief in me; without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. I owe my parents one-hundred percent of my success, for without their support and willingness to make their son's dreams come true I never would have come to California. They sacrificed a lot more then anyone will ever know for me. I also owe a lot to my brother Lorenzo.

Growing up in such a large, loud family it was easy to get overlooked. So I made sure I kept everyone entertained for as long as possible, and I continue to be that way. It’s what I love to do. Both on screen and behind the scenes, acting/directing/producing/writing...I wanna do it all.

Thanks to DavidHenrie.com

David was born in Southern California and moved to Arizona at age two. From the time he could sit up and talk, it didn’t take long to figure out that David was destined for Hollywood with his natural charm and animated personality.

At age five, David signed with a SAG Agency in Phoenix and began going out on auditions. Highlight at the bottom of his resume was written: David’s look, personality, and acting ability to do both drama and comedy makes him a real gem! This was proven right and holds true even today as David continues to book a variety of roles from Sitcom Comedy to dramatic Episodic and Film.

At age 9, during a Regional commercial shoot in Scottsdale, a prominent New York director pulled Mom aside and told her that David has natural instincts for acting, and believes he has “what it takes” to be a great actor, and recommended David should go out to LA. That summer, at age ten, the family packed their bags and headed to Hollywood. As fate would have it, David booked his first two National commercial auditions, playing principal roles in Burger King and Quaker Oats. However, beginners luck was quickly ruled out when he topped it with many more National spots including, Playstation, McDonalds, and E-Score to name a few.

Aside from acting, David has played on competitive hockey teams (Phoenix Firebirds, JR. LA KINGS) since the age of eight, and has traveled all over the US and Canada and has won National titles. With School and Sports as a high priority, David began splitting his time between Arizona and LA. David booked his first Co-Starring role on the TV show, Providence, and went on to landing a Guest Star role on the Premiere episode of Without A Trace, that launched the beginning of a very successful show.

By age 12, David got his first big break, when he landed a Series Regular role, playing “Petey Pitt,” for a FOX sitcom called, The Pitts, produced by Mike Scully of The Simpsons. “I loved playing the character Petey. Working on The Pitts was such a blast! I’ll never forget all the cool strange things that happened on the show like when my sister got a pipe stuck through her head, getting exorcist, the talking car, sliding down the Pyramid in Las Vegas, and when my parents turned into were wolfs. It was so cool!”

David next landed a leading role in the Hallmark movie, Monster Maker, with Linda Blair and George Kennedy, and then asked to come back for another Hallmark movie, to play a role in Dead Hollywood Moms Society, with Justine Bateman. David had his feature film debut, in a kid’s camp movie, called Arizona Summer, directed by Joey Travolta. “That was a BLAST! I really thought I was at a camp. I loved tubing down the river and wrangling calves.”

David’s acting range allows for David to have numerous opportunities to play a variety of characters, “I love playing roles for comedy, but dramatic roles, like the sociopath I played on The DA was awesome!” From wacky comedy roles to dramatic, David continued working steadily in numerous Guest Starring roles including House, Jack and Bobby, Judging Amy, N.C.I.S, and The Mullets.

In 2004, David landed the role of “Larry” in the Disney show, That’s So Raven, where David caught the eyes of the Disney executives who made his character a Recurring role on the show. By age 14, David got snatched up again by Fox early in pilot season, landing yet another Series Regular role playing “Skyler Bladford,” in the comedy Method and Red, that aired 13 episodes the summer of 2004. “Method and Red were a lot of fun! I’ll never forget it when Method Man would fart in-between takes while he was in the Jacuzzi and we would all crack up!”

Aside from Acting and Hockey, David loves to go to the movies, “My favorite actors are, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, James Dean, Sean Penn, Russel Crow, and for comedy I love Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Robin Williams, and Jack Black.” David also plays guitar and loves Jimmy Hendrix and Axil Rose.

Now 19, David is starring in a brand new Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place.”